There Is More Than One Way to Spell Wiener:
The Story of Nu-Way

book jacketIn his eighth book, Macon Telegraph columnist Ed Grisamore tells the amazing story of how the second-oldest hot dog stand in America has become a cultural and culinary icon. The book has been published by Mercer University Press.

In 1916, James Mallis immigrated to Macon from Greece and opened the city's first fast-food restaurant on Cotton Avenue. And, thanks to the misplacing of a few vowels by a local sign-maker, Nu-Way has intentionally misspelled W-E-I-N-E-R on its marquee since 1937.

The book covers the generations of families that have worked at Nu-Way, captures the passion of its loyal customers and tells the story of how the Norman Rockwell-like logo was painted by a former Macon fire chief. Even Oprah Winfrey once stopped by to dine on a chili dog and a Diet Coke.

Nu-Way Boy & Sam,
the Beggar Dog
Who can resist the famous Nu-way newsboy and his hungry canine friend? Front features breast pocket with Nu-Way insignia. White with full-color design.

Adult Size
Kids Size
Famous Flaky Ice
Stay cool year-round in this shirt depicting a Nu-Way cup filled with irresistable Famous Flaky Ice and Coca-Cola. Front features breast pocket with Nu-Way insignia. White with full-color design.


Classic Nu-Way
How far would you go for this classic shirt with the Nu-Way Weiners insignia (Okay...the word "weiners" is spelled incorrectly as it was originally written, but we wouldn't have it any other way!) Red with full-color design.
Neon Sign T-shirt
Roll back the days! Design on shirt's back replicates the retro neon sign that is still displayed at the Cotton Avenue storefront. Front features breast pocket with Nu-Way insignia. White with full-color design.

"Anatomy of a
Nu-Way" T-shirt

A kitsch-culture favorite! Everyone will want to get up close to read this humorous art describing the famous Nu-Way weiner.


Soda Jerk Hat
Add this favorite paper hat to your Nu-Way pop culture collection.

Boy & Dog Print
Suitable for framing, this 11"x14" print features the Nu-Way
Weiner newsboy and Sam the Beggar Dog.

"Long Way" Billed Cap
This is one of those accessories that you will hang onto forever. Khaki-colored cap and black bill. Cap features an embroidered version of the familiar Nu_way Weiners insignia; back touts the "I'd Go a Long Way..." slogan. One size fits all.

Nu-Way Weiner Gift Certificates
A $5 Nu-Way gift certificate will go a "long way" in satisfying the appetite of your favorite friend. Or, buy them in multiples!
$5.00 each
Nu-Way Clingz
Tell the world you love Nu-Way! These 7 1/2" x 4" colorful decals are removable they just cling to non-porous surfaces like your car window.
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